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Guys, it was so wonderful and warm and sunny today! I did all my homework outside this afternoon, and I just stayed and soaked in all the glorious sun. It felt so good.

So I've probably told you this, but we're all planning an epic California trip for two and a half weeks after the semester is over. About 13 of us are camping in Yosemite for 4 days, spending 2 days in San Francisco, going boating, spending a day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, doing a night tour of Alcatraz and running around my house and the Bay Area, then we're going down to LA to go to Disneyland and party at the beach. Perfect way to end the most amazing year, don't you think? We finalized all our plans today, and it's really happening! We're calling it our Epic California Hardxcore Roadtrip. So fun.

Bahhhh life is so wonderful, isn't it guys?

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